Now watch me WIP….

now let me … you ….

Cause is that time of the year where outdoorsy activities start slowing down and more time is spent indoors…..cause there’s so much time one can spend online….cause is about time I looked through the various baskets holding unfinished crochet projects… yeah, time to turn all these granny squares into a blanket….actually , time to first frame each circle and then join them into a blanket…so yeah, one done a million or so more to go…..


And this is the time and place where I swear not to start any other project until I finish this one….not to go to a wool shop until I use up all the wool in my little under the stairs room…..but who am I fooling? oh well, is hard to stick to one thing when there’s so much eye candy out there….I’m thinking poncho for little one, I’m thinking cardigans…….

Have you started your crochet/knitting season yet? Wanna share your WIPs?

Salaams y hasta la vista,


P.S….. pattern here 


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