This, that…

and the other….

Not much happening around here….lots of revision for GCSE and med school end of year exams and dd14 is on her last English assignment of the year….so I’m just driving to and fro exams and gardening in between….


WP_20150523_13_52_50_Pro[1] WP_20150523_13_52_53_Pro[1]

Cucumbers hardening off …..the mixed tray of sweetcorn, courgettes and butternut squashes I’ve planted them on the allotment just a while ago…..

IMG-20150525-WA0006[1] IMG-20150525-WA0001[1]


Churros con chocolate….. by Dd 14…..the one day I’m not home she decides to make something I have been craving for as long as I come remember…..Oh the memories…dunking the churros in the thick chocolate……….she got the recipe from the Gu recipe book. If you are a chocolate lover ….this is the book for you…trust me….

No major plans for the rest of the week even though is half term but can’t do much with the girls stuck in their rooms revising for their exams…alhamdulilah…..I guess I will be spending a fair amount at the allotment…insh’Allah

Salaams y hasta la vista,




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