Growing, planning….

PicMonkey Collage

Those courgettes and sweetcorn plants are the last ones on my patio table…no more hardening off…the weather is warm enough to start planting straight on the ground….as soon as all the plants on windowsills are big enough they will be transferred  on to the plot…..I’m going to be busy in a couple of weeks I reckon insh’Allah…..

First time growing cucumbers….I added the home made cloche ( plastic bottles endings and tops)  and I am pretty sure it has helped tremendously……

I definitely need more raised beds…dh will have to hurry up and clear the last bit of the plot….he has allocated it for a green house but I think it might be best to leave it for this year and add raised beds….


I could do with another three raised beds at this end…….as I said too late for a green house this year….


What a difference….when I look back I can’t believe the transformation….subhan’Allah…..soooo happy with my plot…Alhamdulilah


That was the state of our plot when we first go it…….

Salaams y hasta la vista,



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