PicMonkey Collage

As you can see most of the weekend was spent at the allotment….Plot 29 has been almost transformed over the weekend….we now have a shed!!!! …also dh added three new beds…..he is starting to believe me when I tell him that come the end of the month I will be needing all the space I can get……my windowsills are bursting at the seams with little pots with all sorts of seedlings in them plus the ones hardening off on the patio table….

Sundays are my favourite days at the allotment….the older and wiser and so much experienced folks are out there and they are a pleasure to talk to….so much to learn from them….and they are so friendly…..

Yesterday I had the honour of visiting Charlie’s green house…..the man grows and experiments with just about everything and anything you can imagine…..sugar cane was an interesting one….and what about this?

WP_20150510_13_37_01_Pro[1] WP_20150510_13_37_15_Pro[1]

Havana tobacco leaves in London?!!!  ……….and just before I left he gave me 8 cabbage plants….he has hundreds and they are for anyone who wants them…….those up in the pic collage are his cabbages……

So, today , after sewing class I’ll be making my way to the allotment….got to organize the shed and plant the borlotti beans …..

Wishing you a good week….

Salaams y hasta la vista,


P.S dd14 made those delicious lemon meringue shortbreadty slices….to die for I tell you….

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