They’re out….

the first tomatoes and runner beans to make it to the plot….I’ve nursed them…dh calls them “the babies” that need taking out in the morning and bringing back in at night…he just does not get the whole hardening off bit….he is North African…what does he know?  I just don’t trust the English weather enough …..

WP_20150504_14_54_08_Pro[1] WP_20150504_14_18_18_Pro[1]

Neither look like much right now but insh’Allah in a matter of weeks the difference will be spectacular… look at the broad beans I planted not that long ago…. the ones at the back have been in a couple of weeks and we added a few more today……see the difference?……insh’Allah will have a prolonged harvest ….still a few to harden off waiting for their turn on windowsills

WP_20150504_13_11_01_Pro[1] WP_20150504_13_24_49_Pro[1]

Same with the corn…added three today….insh’Allah they will survive the colder nights out there…..

Next to go out onto the patio table will be some butternut squashes and some more courgettes……as the temperatures are not as cold at night I’m thinking 7 days should be enough but I will keep a very close eye on the weather forecast….

Wishing you all a happy productive week…..

Salaams y hasta la vista,



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