Poached eggs and broad beans….

and other gardening matters….

First time planting broad beans  but I have read up on it enough to know that they are easy targets of certain bugs…leaf blight to be more exact….alhamdulilah I have also come up with a solution insh’Allah…..

According to my trusted gardening book  planting poached eggs plants nearby is as good a prevention as it gets. The poached eggs attract hoverflies, which feed on blackfly…subhan’Allah. So yeah, off to the allotment in a little while to plant the poached eggs plants….


I’m hopping this summery weather stays for a while because all the plants on the windowsills are thriving and I might get away with planting them straight on the allotment without the hardening them off first boring chore…just hate the whole in and out palaver….we’ll see…..


Not only my tomatoes are thriving in the sun…my dd3 is making the most of it too……

WP_20150414_10_03_10_Pro[1] WP_20150414_12_18_56_Pro[1]

Oh can’t wait for that first bbq….that first breakfast al fresco…..I know I know this is just a tease…it is not summer proper…but this is London folks….this could be the only summer we get…24 d e g r e e s……..well I will not let it pass me by……:)

Enjoy the summer while it lasts ….

Salaams y hasta la vista,



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