Quiet over here….

usually holidays around here are busy times……but not this time…..big exams approaching and the two older girls are locked up in their rooms. voluntarily may I add, revising like their life depended on it….I wish them all the best with their exams insh’Allah but I miss them….I only see them very briefly at meal times…..bless them …tabarak Allah…

On Tuesday I visited a friend who happens to live on the other side of the world…well it feels like it….the drive wasn’t too bad actually and it was all worth it….so nice to catch up and just chillax………next time I see her she’ll be the mama of a new baby boy insh’Allah….not long to go tabarak Allah….

Yesterday, I took the two younger ones and their friend to Woburn Safari Park….a total success…we all had a great time…..didn’t take many pics as I was doing the driving but here are a few I managed…




The monkeys, as usual , were our favourites….one never tires of their naughtiness, mannerism and general cheekiness….

Tomorrow….cleaning day!!!! cause it has to be done and I need to slow down….

Salaams y hasta la vista,



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