Plot 29…

Dh and I have been quite busy at the allotment this morning and  best part of the afternoon too…how time flies when we are on our plot…so much to do….

Weather wise ,today, was the only decent day of the long weekend ….I was expecting loads of other allotmentiers there but there was hardly anyone…So, I just got on with transferring the broad beans, courgettes and pumpkins from the greenhouse, a.k.a a hot sunny windowsill, to the raised beds…

PicMonkey Collage

They say experience is the best teacher and I agree….see how there aren’t many courgette plants? Well, I have many more indoors that need hardening off first and then they’ll be ready to join the rest at the allotment….the thing is that in the past few years I have had too many courgettes all at once and to avoid veg gluts, this year I have gone for making successional sowings ( sow a new batch every three weeks or so ) to extend the growing season into summer.

While I was doing my planting and other bits and bobs, dh was also very busy at his end of the plot….the man has worked his socks off to lay down the base for our ‘shedtobe’….we are still on the lookout for the perfect shed for us but as we know the maximum size we are allowed, no harm in preparing ahead…..

shed platform

Some new seedlings will be going out tomorrow …..just a couple of hours to begin with…just the harden them off ….gently, gradually….Also tomorrow more indoor sowing …insh’Allah

The planning stage is not my forte but I find it necessary now that I have a bigger plot….I have to make sure that I’m growing efficiently and that the whole plot is being used….all year round if possible….so much to learn…..insh’Allah…..this book  is helping me a lot but not as much as observing what everyone else is doing on their plots…….they are all so generous with their advice…alhamdulilah


Looks like the weather is going to get warmer this coming week so insh’Allah taking advantage of the holidays I will be spending a fair amount in my garden and the allotment….happy days ahead insh’Allah

Salaams y hasta la vista,



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