It was inevitable…..

she just had to make her own pasta from scratch….a while back she found the machine at the back of the corner cabinet….the very same machine dh and I bought together all those years ago….we were gifted Liberty’s vouchers as a wedding present and we spent it on the pasta maker and a couscoussier….the pot is used very regularly but the pasta gadget has been hiding for a very loooooooooooooong time….anyways , dd14 just has to have a go at almost everything …and why not? …she has all the time in the world or so her sisters claim…she does not go to school…..well, lets not go there but yeah she has time to do the things she fancies during the day…and the more boring stuff like studying she does in the evening when the house is quiet…she is a night owl you see….she got the recipe from ‘youtube university’…another family joke….is there anything you can no learn from watching youtube videos?…..I doubt it….

IMG-20150331-WA0004[1] IMG-20150331-WA0010[1]


It was good and I reckon only the beginning…she is already talking about making ravioli and cannelloni……you go girl is what I say…..

I hope you are all enjoying your hols if you have already started but if like me you have another week to go, I hope the week goes by quickly and you have a good bank holiday weekend…

Salaams y hasta la vista,



One thought on “It was inevitable…..”

  1. Mashallah
    U go girl
    Pasta from scratch …


    Ill b over n holidays to taste…

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