A few hours at a time….

……..broad beans and pumpkins hardening off….I take them out in the morning….back in in the afternoon…..going out into the big world this weekend…the first plants of the season in the allotment ….to mark the beginning of  very busy times around here….oh the excitement…..

WP_20150325_09_25_38_Pro[1]And just in case you thought I was a one trick pony…..let me show you what else is in the pipelines….

WP_20150319_10_22_44_Pro[1] WP_20150321_10_15_41_Pro[1]

The quilting set I found in a car boot sale a while ago…..one of those with pattern fabric and all….and the pattern is for a romper for dd3…I enrolled on an online sewing class for £6…yes £6!!! ….craftsy is great like that….I get to watch the video tutorials as often as I need and the pattern is included plus a bonus dress pattern…..a bargain if you ask me…

Salaams y hasta la vista,


One thought on “A few hours at a time….”

  1. Wow
    U know a bargain
    When u see one

    Let us know all about crasfty
    Its great…
    Happy sewing …
    Plants and frabic…


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