maybe I should call it Sunday post cause Saturday was as lazy a day as they come….a bit, and I mean very little, of  crochet, quick burgers for dinner and not much else….

Today, on the contrary, was a much more productive day……Just after breakfast we have made our way to the allotment not wanting to miss on any sunshine ….back breaking work but so rewarding……preparing the beds for planting next week insh’Allah…..plain hard fork, hoe and rake work followed by barrows of top soil and mulching….oh and the best bit was saved till the end….we’ve planted two plum trees!!!!!



Looking at the pictures one would think that dh has done all the work but someone has to hold the camera it’s what I say….plus I got us all a take away….

All in all, a very productive and chillaxing day…perfect combination if you ask me…tabarak Allah.

Salaams y hasta la vista,


P.S I got the trees from here…excellent service and very good value…highly recommend them.


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