Pretty things….

that I love Spring is the understatement of the century…….nothing beats going out in the morning to see what changes have taken place during the night…..I even stop to take pictures so I can look at them during the day or even last think at night….

20150309_075123[1] 20150312_160715[1]

SubhanAllah…amazing what a difference a few hours can make…..I love Camelia Japonicas ….such intense colours…..tabarak Allah

The other pretty things that surround me these days are these…..the not so classic granny squares I’m busy crocheting….


I’m doing them at night…when the house is quiet….this project has a deadline….Eid insh’Allah…. for a supermama who is part of the village ….a superwoman who not only helps my dd14 with her maths and sciences but is the best role model my daughters could have….tabarak Allah …such a pretty sister…what an honour to have her in our lives…tabarak ALLAH

And what about these for pretty?!!!


Well I guess it’s all debatable after all…ok, maybe they are not the most appealing seeds but they are a pretty new challenge around here….I have never seen Jerusalem artichokes before, let alone taste them…well looks like I’m going to be growing them this year…a learning curve I tell you..I have read up on it quite a lot so let’s see….apparently, they are like gold dust in the gardening world….aren’t I blessed with friends who are happy to share their treasures?

And now we are off to the allotment to pretty up things over there…..hard work but so much pleasure…..I love the time spent at the allotment….my hands are very busy but not as busy as my head planning and dreaming ….I’m so glad dh is able to make most of my plans come true…bless him…..

Salaams y hasta la vista,



One thought on “Pretty things….”

  1. Asalam
    Wow mashallah
    Lovely flowers….👍👍👍💐
    Plus ur supermum is going to get a lovely gift 💝💝💝mashallah
    Plus happy planting ur seeds…
    May allah bless ur garden
    Plot 29

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