Week 6/52…

inspired by this book….but first let me tell you about week 5…..well in two words or one rather…a flop…whatever I was thinking of when I decided that techno free evenings were the way forward for me!!!! I tried…the first evening I went all the way to 9pm, then I looked all around me and realized everyone else was either sleeping or doing their own thing, most probably in front of a screen…who was I kidding? My kids do not need me my attention after dinner has been served and eaten …my dh can live without it too and me giving up the screen does not bring anything to this family…period So, on to week 6….I’m playing it safe but that’s ok…I’m feeling a bit down so I’m going to do what helps me in this situation…I’m going to organize/declutter…tidy those corners that need a bit of T.L.C……so, come back in a week if you want before and afters…. Salaams y hasta la vista, Ines


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