Beanies and other distractions….


with these crocheted beanies I have officially perfected the art of procrastination….I am the queen of procrastination one could say….the thing is they are so easy to make and sooo in demand around here…I’m even making them for my daughter’s friends….hard to resist….and the other thing is that bigger projects require bigger motivation even where they are 90% finished….

So, I think it’s best if I own up and admit here that I will not be tackling the big blanket joining up until the days are longer or I get a charitable soul willing to give me the proverbial kick in the butt….and in the meantime I have two shawls to crochet; one for my mama and one for my sister…the deadline is 19th of this month…the day I will be travelling to see them…wish me luck…and what do you think of the colours?  the orange one for my sister and the other light brown one for mama….I can’t decide on the pattern….chevron  or this one? Perhaps one of each….insh’Allah


What is on your hooks right now?

Salaams y hasta la vista,


2 thoughts on “Beanies and other distractions….”

  1. Is that Stylecraft Special DK? Nice! It’s one of the nicest acrylics I’ve used. Actually I always use it! I LOVE those colours. I would put them together! Like something in mainly cream with a bit of orange and another in mainly orange with a bit of cream.

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