Week 5/52…

inspired by this book….but first let me tell you about week 4… using less chemicals in my body and making my own beauty/hygiene products…

As you already know , I don’t use toothpaste anymore. I either pull oil or use my own homemade toothpaste…I’m really pleased with results already…my gums feel better and rarely bleed, my breath is good too which was my main concern when I switched…but it just goes to show that we don’t need chemicals for everything, a few drops of essential oils do the trick…

Also, I gave up conventional shampoo a few weeks ago and have been using a ‘lush’ bar for my hair…I reckon is 80% chemical free after I’ve read up on their products…not perfect but a step on the right direction , don’t you agree? shame about the price though…. I’m yet to try apple cider vinegar on my hair but something about the smell puts me off… Next, I’m going to try Shikakai powder…I spotted it accidentally in my local supermarket when I was looking for coconut oil… looks a bit messy but hopefully it will work and give me rich silky smooth hair..just like the Bollywood stars’ one…lol….



For showers and baths I’m also using ‘lush’ but not for much longer….I’ve been intending to make my own soaps for a while but my bff has beat me to it!!! and I couldn’t be happier!! I get lovely 100% natural soaps made with love and care and I don’t need to lift a finger ….isn’t that simply great?….I think so….actually, after seeing the whole process and what pleasure it brings to her I’m still wanting to do it myself but right now it is not the right time for me so in the meanwhile I will enjoy the fruits of her hard labour…you sure want a sneak preview…if only you could smell it…this baby will be ready to come home in 3 more weeks…did you know that it has to cure?….can’t wait!!! insh’Allah I will tell you more about it when I get it cut and ready to use….



I’m now in the look out for the best natural deodorants…I go myself ‘salt of the earth’ stick but not impressed….I don’t know , I guess I’m wanting something with a bit of a nice smell…don’t feel it’s doing the trick…not that anyone has complained or anything but you know, I need something with a bit of a nice aroma…..someone suggested plain coconut oil and that’s not very appealing either….

So , yeah all in all I have achieved at least a good part of week 4’s goal…to use less chemicals on my body…about making my own…well at least I made toothpaste and since I enjoyed it soooo much I’m almost certain I will be making some masks and soaps in the near future insh’Allah….

And now onto week 5…..no tech evenings…the idea is to put the mobile, the tablets and all other gadgets to bed as soon as dinner preparations begin….I reckon is going to be the hardest challenge so far but I have faith in myself…..I’ll keep you posted….

Salaams y hasta la vista,



One thought on “Week 5/52…”

  1. Salaam Ines

    Just catching up on all your happenings. Mashaallah you’ve been busy! I love your energy.

    Since you mentioned looking for a natural deodorant, I just remembered about using baking soda. I have tried it and it does work without being too messy.

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