Week 4/52…

inspired by this book….but first let me tell you about week 3…oil pulling…well yeah but no but yeah kind of mixed reactions….the thing is I’ve stuck to it…every single day without a fail and it was not as bad as I anticipated…the taste and texture were ok…the downside has to be the time and timing…20 minutes is awfully long, specially first thing in the morning…honestly, who has 20 minutes to spare in the morninsg..20 minutes to just stand there oil pulling…I know what you’re thinking…do something else!!! …I promise you , it’s almost impossible….well , I must say results are pretty obvious but even then there’s got to be an easier way to take care of ones teeth and mouth in general…and there is….which leads me to week 4

Week 4 is going to be about using less chemicals in my body and making my own beauty/hygiene products.

Insh’Allah , I’m starting with a simple toothpaste ….simple ingredients most found around the house….


Next on the list, either a body scrub or a moisturizing face cream……

Feel free to share recipes and tips….

Salaams y hasta la vista,



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