cake pops…I know we are light years behind with this trend but this is how we roll here…only when we are good and ready…also, certain baker around here only does things after plenty research and after ensuring all the necessary bits and bobs are exactly how she wants them….

WP_20150122_14_56_40_Pro[1] WP_20150122_16_06_03_Pro[1]

It seems a shame to waste a perfectly good vanilla sponge cake but trust me the end results are worth it…

WP_20150122_16_14_43_Pro[1] WP_20150122_17_11_40_Pro[1]

WP_20150122_17_16_16_Pro[1] WP_20150122_17_38_11_Pro[1]


If you are thinking of making them …just do it…be warned they are very time consuming but relatively easy to make….If you need the sticks and the cellophane wrappers…we found them here and here.……plenty of different recipes online and plenty more ideas of how to display them and how to decorate….good luck and enjoy….

Have a smashing weekend…

Salaams y hasta la vista,


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