Beanies and other distractions….

the thing with smaller projects is that they take you away from getting on with the bigger ones that are waiting on the sidelines…I can think of at list two WIPs that need my attention and once I start it will be only a matter of days to finish them off…but that’s how I rock…what to do….and I’m thinking of finger less mittens next….


Hasn’t the week flown by? Tomorrow Thursday already!!! SubhanAllah

Salaams y hasta la vista,


One thought on “Beanies and other distractions….”

  1. LOL! I’ve been knitting dd13 a sweater for AGES because in the middle, I’ve made a a hat for dd1, slippers for dd1, a hat for ds7, a scarf for dh AND a scarf for dd14. Needless to say, dd13 isn’t very happy with my “sharing the yarn love”!

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