P.E….I guess…..

I’m still at that stage of my homeschooling journey where I have to pigeonhole everything into subjects….not all the time but often enough…I swear, sometimes I think I should be putting together a folder just in case the officials from the council decide to pay us a surprise visit…..one of those folders with timetables, evidences of all kind, child’s work, assessment….you see what I mean?….too many years working in schools …..

So, for the last two days we have been quite active around here , physically that is, and there I was taking pics…I take pics primarily to show the boy’s mum what they do all day….and as I said, I felt the need to justify playtime…the kids were playing ‘shark attack’ and who knows what else and I had this little voice inside me telling me that they were doing P.E, social skills, turn taking, language and some maths for good measure….oh stop….

The kids were having fun and they enjoyed it and I am an idiot….this week we are not going to do much else apart from P.E…boy 3 has decided he does not want to do school work…and that’s ok…if girl 3 wants to do work, she can’t get enough at the moment…. her mama or big sisters will sit with her at a convenient time for all….there, all happy, sorted

WP_20150119_10_28_11_Pro[1] WP_20150119_10_28_17_Pro[1]

WP_20150119_10_28_45_Pro[1] WP_20150119_10_31_03_Pro[1]

Salaams y hasta la vista,



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