The inbetweeners….

the hour is late…the house is quiet but full of activity…..dd3 asleep, no wonder is quiet!…dd19 studying , nothing new there…dd16 on her laptop, most probably window shopping, nothing new there either….dd14 cooking tomorrow’s lunch to take to co-op tomorrow…she is going through a cooking/baking phase, fingers crossed it lasts foreeeevar….the man most probably asleep in front of the telly or ironing tomorrow’s shirt…and me, here in front of the pc working on an in-between….a beanie for dd14 or was it dd16? can’t remember…who cares? I’ll make one each…


You know when you have just finished a big project and you are not quite ready to start another one or even to tackle a WIP? well , that’s where I’m at right now…so yeah small little in-between projects….

Salaams y hasta la vista,



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