Week 2/52

inspired by this book….I’ve added some to the list but first , let me tell you about week last week.


Week 1 was about drinking water only. The first few days were a killer….the splitting headaches would only subside with the aid of a couple of paracetamols at least a couple of times a day…after the third day I was ok….so yeah the pepsi addiction is over…I even made it through Saturday’s party at home without it, even though there were two bottles there staring at me in the eyes the whole time. So yeah…water only drinking challenge is over and I reckon it’s a keeper…the only thing is that it is not a very social drink, is it? And this mama hates paying for water…no way I’m going to pay for a bottle of water what I would pay for a pepsi or a hot drink…and anyways I hate hot drinks….I’ll figure something out…


So, one down 51 to go and for this week I have picked walking…a way to ease myself into exercising again insh’Allah…it was meant to be as part of the fb walk a mile a day challenge I was telling you about last week but due to technical problems, a.k.a my pedometer got lost on the way, I did not start until yesterday and that’s ok…I’m doing my own thing anyways….and I’m doing fine ….walked 3 km yesterday and 2 km today…it’s not easy finding the time but I think I have come up with the perfect solution…drop dh to work in the morning and then walk in the park for 15/20 minutes….will keep you posted

Wishing you a happy productive week….

Salaams y hasta la vista,




2 thoughts on “Week 2/52”

  1. Mashaa allah good for u. I gave up sugar and soda too. Well I drink diet coke when we order takeout only like once or twice a month. There r other habits I need to kick but water drinking has always been a habit. It’s super for your skin! And detoxifying. U can add in lemon or fruits to make infused water. Looks like an interesting book mashaa allah will have to keep an eye out.

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