always much slower pace…always busy….almost always enjoyable…alhamdulilah

PicMonkey Collage

Getting ready to welcome friend for a day of laughter, some serious catching up, singing, dancing, food of course and even tears…oh the joys of womanhood….

Lovely quiches, dd14’s contribution to the pot luck…salmon one was my fave…tabarak Allah

Henna , of course, what’s a party without it?

No , it didn’t take me that long to walk just over 3 km….I stopped half way there to do the grocery shopping

Dd16 and little one icing the walnut and coffee cup cakes, will have them together when everyone is together, after magrib,insh’Allah

Working with a very talented woman on my mug…my very own mug…can’t wait to hold it in my hands…oh the joys of whatsapp…almost instantly she got my briefing…that’s not the final piece…but don’t worry , I will show you ….

How was your weekend?

Salaams y hasta la vista,


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