So much for new year resolutions……

Two days ago, late at night, as it is the norm with dd14 a.k.a in house baker inspiration struck her and she decided to make doughnuts. She had been meaning to make them for a while but finding the right oven tray proved quite difficult and in the end we ordered this one online…amazon to the rescue once again… Deciding which recipe to follow was a chore too….sooo many out there…in the end she settled for Cinnamon baked doughnuts ….simply scrumptious…a great hit….

 altApxwJNIEHWJd597qgeOQMHE3QX1V7Mziri7V9HIeq2KI[1] altAvrNDKCAoU6-6LE5OmL1EI3jrGygbXT4TfOCCD8KpQcq[1]altAjVtdZMHiJ9kVQYnfXfNHOrJLorpSyMqtgGTIIGAeH3J[1]  altAoFg0pE0QF2Pc9zP0gZ8L15FwRlKkkPnbXTExkub6k08[1]  

No great pics but you get the idea…. Next, chocolate coated doughnuts and perhaps stuffed ones….oh the sky is the limit with this girl…tabarak Allah Salaam y hasta la vista, Ines


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