Fun activity with the little ones…

a friend of mine posted about making bird feeders…I think she said she saw the ideas on pinterest…anyways I instantly thought of making one of them with dd3 and boy M also 3….and they loved it….



birdfeeder1 birdfeeder

birdfeeder3 birdfeeder4

birdfeeder5 birdfeeder6


We did not spot any birds but not for lack of trying….I just looked out of the window and as I feared it is raining….never mind, we will have to make them again tomorrow….and I’m sure the teacher in me will want to take the opportunity to do sequencing and instructional language lol….

Salaams y hasta la vista,








4 thoughts on “Fun activity with the little ones…”

  1. walaikum as salaams….we used ice cream cones which you cover in peanut butter and them cover with bird seed. To hung them up we used pipe cleaners. We bought all these in tesco quite cheaply. You can use pine cones and and any type of thread.

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