On home education…

or  is it homeschool? unschooling perhaps?   actually the way we do it is more ‘play it by ear’ or even ‘just try it and see’….I’m not going to lie, there was a time when I was determined to put a label to it…back on the day I decided to quit my job and become a stay at home mum and homeschool little one I started my journey into finding out an education style that would suit my daughter…I read and read and then some more…I even tried de-schooling myself …and who could blame me after 20 plus years in the education field?. I promised myself that I would not focus on evidence based education a.k.a worksheets…I would not follow a book heavy curriculum… I would not test her and grade her work regularly…the list of ‘wouldn’ts’ goes on…I knew what I didn’t want but finding what I did want was somewhat elusive….

Eventually , I did find a ‘style’ that suited us both…it was not a specific style but more a mixed one…I played it quite safe to begin with and stuck to what I knew and baby did not mind it at all…Montessori practical exercises suited her perfectly together with lots of outdoor play and plenty of interactive educational games on the tablet.

Also, I picked up lots of ideas when I started going to the home school  meetings…they were and still are more than just an opportunity to chat to other mums and for little one to play…I always come back home feeling reassured that I’m doing ok and with lots of motivation and ideas to carry on….I love the meetings…a bunch of wonderful sisters happy to share and pass on their experiences and knowledge on so many areas of home education…tabarak Allah

Then, fast forward a few months and dd13 decided that school was not for her and before I knew it I had a teenager in the house full time. Thankfully, two days after she started home education it was meet up day. So , rather than panic and show my true feelings of fear and inadequacy to my daughter, I kept it all to myself and let the sisters work their magic on me. I swear, I came back home once again armed with conviction that all was going to be ok and that we could do it, insh’Allah…

It is still early days but one thing is for sure…we are all enjoying it and I wouldn’t have it any other way…Allah is merciful and has made the whole process easy…..Alhamdulilah

Salaams y hasta la vista,



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