For once…

I had resolved not to get on the new years resolution wagon this year….not that I’m big on them anyways…but let’s be real here….everyone and I mean everyone else is doing something or other to improve their health or life in general starting three days ago….don’t tell me you didn’t notice…what planet are you on?…oh I get it, you are not on facebook or instagram or pinterest or you are not human………

The thing is , I was on facebook two days ago and a friend tagged me…an initiative group kind of thingy to start walking….30 days of walking this january…a mile a day, not much…just to start a habit and see where it takes you….well before I knew you I was on the search for a pedometer cause trying to figure out how much a mile is and how much it would take me to walk it was proving quite frustrating….and today I ordered a pedometer online….I was tempted to get a proper expensive fitbit gadget but at my age nobody fools themselves any more…lets see how long this phase lasts kind of attitude here…..

What about you? What are you going to do this year differently to change your life? What exercise gadgets do you swear by?

Salaams y hasta la vista,



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