of many posts…I hope….I have neglected this blog but life happens and in the last three months it has happened  at a much faster speed that we were accustomed to over here….but it’s all good alhamdulilah….

Biggest adjustments/changes/novelties/milestones……DD18 started medical school in October………around the same time dd13 expressed her desire to stop going to school and stay at home…..dd16 is doing her GCSE year and we have been busy visiting prospective 6th Forms…….back in September I started work….I now look after two adorable boys from home; M is 3 and my dd3’s playmate and H is 1 and just tags along….

I guess I could dedicate at least a whole paragraph to each one of those changes in my life but for now that’s all folks….

Salaams y hasta la vista,



7 thoughts on “First….”

  1. Masha allah nice to see that you are back blogging.lot happening with you.iam really happy for Your dd 18th. All the best with your new job.

    1. yes….well actually she is doing it herself…I bought the English curriculum which I oversee occasionally and I help her with Spanish…the rest she does herself with another homeschool buddy and her mum….so far so good….

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