In my tiny urban garden…

we have seen the last of the beans…in fact the whole area has been cleared and next I will be using that raised bed for strawberries…no more vegetables in our back garden anymore…we will be using the allotment for vegetables and the home garden for flowers, berries and a beautiful herb garden….thinking purple basil,fresh mint, coriander…Jamie Oliver here I come….lol


Tomatoes later than never but making progress….the first chilli has made an appearance too…and many more squashes insh’Allah….

WP_20140821_09_42_01_Pro WP_20140821_09_42_27_Pro


Tomorrow , it will be the time of the courgette area to be cleared and put to bed….meanwhile in the allotment plenty of new things are happening but that is a post for another day….:)

Salaams y hasta la vista,



5 thoughts on “In my tiny urban garden…”

  1. you will have to tell me all about it…I have never succeeded when it comes to herbs….I guess London weather isn’t the same…

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