Eid day….

Ramadan is over….finished…went so quick…subhan’Allah…

Yesterday we marked the end of the holly month with the festivities of Eid…a what a great day we all had. Up bright and early to go to the park for Eid prayers…lots of familiar faces and plenty of non familiar but still a deep sense of belonging….all there to celebrate and pray together…the children could hardly sit still and how could they possibly when they could see just a few yards away the enormous bouncy castles……

After greetings of Eid mubarak and sweets sharing back home to open the presents and start of the brunch bbq…dh was dying to get his apron on and do the honours….and what a great job he did mash’Allah….oh the presents….aren’t I a lucky woman ….what do you think….


The evening was reserved for friends….ice cream, frozen yogurts, drinks and doughnuts at the mall….

I hope you all had a good Eid too….

Salaams y hasta la vista,



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