In my tiny urban garden…

We are on a courgette break….used last three for last night’s iftar soup…beans are still doing very well…thinking of doing them in tomato sauce tonight…there’s so much bean salad a family can eat šŸ˜‰

Aren’t these ugly strawberries just pretty? They would definitely no pass any supermarket beauty contest but something tells me they are going to taste a hundred times better insh’Allah….

IMG_6276Ā IMG_6249

I’ve noticed the snails are doing quite a lot of damage and had to resort to pellets…….my first butternut squashes ever have made appearances too…but the tomatoes are the most awaited veg around here…

IMG_6250Ā IMG_6277


Little one is getting ready for swimming school in September. Big sister has told her that she needs to be able to put her head in the water for some time….she is taking it very seriously….bless…..


Feeling very grateful for all the blessings….Alhamdulilah

Salaams y hasta la vista,



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