My daughter tells me….

that kimonos are trending right now…the latest fashion statement….she is almost 16, so she knows…trust me , she knows….so what to do but get in the car and drive her to the nearest fabric shops and find the right fabric with the right weight , the right flowers…not too big not too small not too bright not too dark not too OTT not too…you get the idea…we managed to get two different ones…dd18 wouldn’t mind one either….

IMG_5849 IMG_5845

Best part? dead easy…..easy enough for dd16 to do it all by herself…dd18 too busy and wants mama to make it for her…very easy trust me…see for yourselves here  

There might be a proper reveal sometime this week….have to ask the girls…

Salaams y hasta la vista,



One thought on “My daughter tells me….”

  1. Well well
    Yummy mummy u are
    Growing vegs and fruit
    Well done
    Im proud of you

    Whats next???????

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