Thursdays are the new Fridays….

they start off with a play date….indoor play centre in the bad weather or park and picnic in the nicer weather…Thursdays are all about very active mornings to make sure little one is really really tired and ready for nap come 2:30 when I have to leave the house to go to my sewing lesson….she doesn’t always sleep but at least she is quiet watching cartoons and big sister can carry on with her studies……A levels are not joke…..

Today is not exception….we are meeting up with friends in the park and then I’m off to my class where I’m hoping to put some fabrics to good use….a party dress for little one for Eid , insh’Allah… of those pretty dresses with sash bow and all….something like this but using my own pattern…of course 😉  What do you think? Like the fabric?


Tomorrow Friday is the second day of my weekend…Crochet class gives it that extra something….I love long weekends…the only downer is that Mondays are even harder…maybe I should look into doing something fun every Monday….or maybe not….quiet days are necessary too…downtime is what makes busy days special or is it the other way round…either way I need both kind of days….

Wishing you all a great weekend….

Salaams y hast la vista,




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