Sewing matters…

IMG_5833 IMG_5836

IMG_5837 IMG_5838

patterns galore….the book a present, it was on my amazon wish list and a dear friend got it for me….the vogue patterns a bargain….£5.99!!!! ….the girls have picked their dresses, what they want mama to make for them but there’s a problem….well not really a problem but yeah a problem….I haven’t got a clue about fabrics…..I’m trying my best to educate myself online and now I know my cottons from my pollycottons and poplin…..then there’s jersey, double knits and batiste??!! ….and when I go to the shops I always end up buying florals…I can not visualize for the life of me…..

So, I’m thinking to take the girls and the patterns with me next weekend and see if we have any luck and in the meantime I will carry on sewing for little one…she does not mind flowers on her dresses….lol…..

I will keep you updated…of course…

Salaams y hasta  la vista,


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