I never tire of witnessing His creations….the cycle…the changes…the beauty….simply amazing….

IMG-20140523-00103 IMG-20140525-00116

IMG-20140526-00124 IMG-20140527-00149

IMG-20140528-00155 IMG-20140528-00162

IMG-20140528-00163 IMG-20140529-00165


Notice that second one almost there too? Subhana’Allah….glorious …amazing…

Salaams y hasta la vista,




4 thoughts on “Subhana’Allah….”

  1. They are so beautiful and elegant,I love asiatic lillies and the colours!! But I want to ask you Ines, I was wondering how did you protect them against the ‘lily beetle’,, I have 2 of them,orange and yellow and they are being demolished by this beetle!!

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