On my windowsill….


Even the kitchen windowsill which is exclusively reserved for houseplants of the non-edible variety has had to accommodate some growing seedlings…hot peppers and runner beans

On my bedroom sill…

IMG-20140513-00046 IMG-20140513-00047 IMG-20140513-00048 IMG-20140513-00049

Butternut squash…broccoli…cherry tomatoes …. And in the girls room a repeat….dd2 only wants one in hers….one to call ‘hers’….she swaps them almost daily….this morning I found this one….


She can not wait till planting time…neither can I, to be honest but the weather isn’t helping much…if the forecast is to be trusted , this weekend some outdoor gardening might take place at ours…insh’Allah….

Salaams y hasta la vista,





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