Sewing class…

IMG-20140508-00011 IMG-20140508-00012


And what you see in the pics is what I achieved in two whole sessions of too hours each….yes, I agree, pretty slow but let me tell you something…there’s more to sewing that meets the eye 😉

First, I had to take all the measurement and by measurements I mean ALL measurements and of course in the correct order and properly done.

Next, use those measurements after you have added seams allowance and what have you and try draw the pattern. And by drawing the pattern I mean drawing the pattern with armhole, front neck, back neck, front armhole , back armhole,darts and some other bits that I can’t remember right now…. So yeah, you get the idea… is HARD!!! but you know what?…I’m sticking to it….I’m going to try my hardest and you know why? Because I’m having tons of fun….I am lost right now and I need lots of support in class but I know that somewhere along the line something will click….I’m praying for a Eureka moment 😉

I also have a plan….I’m going to practise at home. Everything I cover in the lesson I will go over at home with a different fabric and with a bit of luck I’ll even end up with two dresses for the little one….insh’Allah…

Salaams y hasta la vista,


P.S  Did you know that when you cut the fabric the length of the fabric has to be parallel to the length of the selvage? You did? well nobody told me….


5 thoughts on “Sewing class…”

  1. insh’Allah….I’m hoping at the end of next session….I’m going to do the zigzaging at home 😉

  2. You are well ahead of me….what’s ‘selvage’????? I did sewing in school and we spent so much time trying to get the temporary tacking right that it put me right off it. I feel like I need a special driving licence whenever I get the sewing machine out….it just keeps running away with me and my nice straight lines turn into Irish country roads. But I so admire those that can sew and am totally rooting for you, mashaAllah, Allahibarek!!!!!!

  3. I did tell you about the selvage when you came here to make the dress or top last year.

    Nice to read you’re enjoying it so much!!

  4. Asalam 🌹

    Mabruck 💐💐💐💐

    Better slow and know what u doing then fast and not….
    Plz enjoy
    Have fun
    Then u can teach me?????
    Cant wait to c end result…..
    Good luck🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

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