Gardening notes…

not the best day for it but had to be done….the strawberries had been sitting there since Saturday, the bags arrived on Tuesday and anyways according to the forecast the rain is here to stay…..


Definitely roomier in there… now is just a matter of waiting…Insh’Allah we get to eat our own strawberries this summer….

I am determined not to use any kind of pesticides or artificial products in my little humble garden so when faced with slugs and their audacity I had to do some research and came up with two different cheap and natural deterrents….cornflour and eggshells …I guess the first is not really a deterrent because it kills them but the second is….


You see that little slug? He/she is being lured to the cornflour which will kill them…Corn meal traps – Also extremely effective and very easy to set up, just collect some old glass jars (baby food jars or old mayo jars work great) and put a few spoonfuls of corn meal or polenta in there. Then lay the jar on its side under your plants. The slugs will crawl in, eat the flour and then crawl away and die.  You will definitely notice slug trails in the cornmeal to indicate they’ve taken the bait. And you don’t have to worry about the dog getting to it either.

The eggs shells simply stop the slugs going near my plants because the sharp edges hurt them….sounds mean I know but I want my beans!!! lol

Do you want to check out the rest of the methods to get rid of slugs? Here is the link…

Salaams y hasta la vista,



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