a very busy weekend….lots crammed in….just as well it was a long weekend…

weekending 2

A lot of time was spent in the garden and doing garden related stuff….so now we have beans , corn, courgettes and tomatoes out….still plenty on windowsills

Giving strawberry growing another go…this time going for growing bags….insh’Allah we are successful…

Went haberdashery shopping to get a few things I needed for my sewing class….I’m very pleased with the artist box I got…everything in its place and a place for everything…

Sunday afternoon …a nice walk up and down Little Venice for the canal cavalcade…good company, lots of arty stalls…girls spent a fortune ……all happy tired…my kind of tired…

Monday bank holiday…power walking….and learning too…did you know that ducks imprint to the first thing they encounter at birth? While walking and gasping for air (in my case) dd18 was telling me all sort of interesting things about imprinting ….

Tuesday…..thanks god today is Tuesday a.k.a ‘taking it easy’ around here….

How was your weekend? busy? slow and restful?

Salaams y hasta la vista,



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