Taking it easy Tuesday….

also known as a more child friendly day after a day stuck at home. Mondays are not much fun for little one cause her mama is busy trying to clean the house and make it somehow more orderly after the weekend’s  laid back chaotic attitude of my family….and even though I have read in many places that little ones have lots of fun cleaning alongside their mamas, it does not happen here. She loves cooking with me, gardening with me even shopping with me but when it comes to cleaning…no thank you very much. So she follows me round holding her tablet. My only consolation is that she is going through a ‘super readers’ phase

So, by the time Tuesday comes I’m so guilt ridden that I do my very best to plan a day full of activities she likes. A day with very little housework, just the bare necessities.

Yesterday it was a visit to the library with friends. Book Bear made an appearance but the best bit was scootering all the way there and back. We also stopped in a playground on the way back. Lunch was had at ikea where she played even more.

IMG-20140304-00546 IMG-20140304-00550

Today is more of a mama day…exercise class for me, creche for her…in the afternoon I have 2 hours tutoring, she is getting better, she sits with us and do her colouring or just watch us…..so yeah is a balancing act over here…I don’t always get it right but I try…

Salaams y hasta la vista,



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