The plan is…

to build another raised bed in our tiny garden…parallel to the existing one…for growing more…for more hours of fun….

IMG-20140226-00518 IMG-20140226-00521

So after a few hours of hard digging to remove the turf some progress has been made…


Planning to finish off tomorrow , insh’Allah, ready for dh to do his bit with planks, hammers and all the rest.

I guess gardening season has officially started at ours….oh the possibilites….I love love love gardening….I feel truly blessed , mash’Allah ….alhamdulilah…

Salaams y hasta la vista,




2 thoughts on “The plan is…”

  1. tomatoes, courgettes, corn, runner beans, carrots (the usuals)…….still to decide what new veg to try out this year insh’Allah

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