It feels good….

to be back home….back to our own rhythms…back with our loved ones….back to our own schedules…

The five days spent with relatives and in ‘the past’ were good but coming back home is what makes it perfect for me….the best part of going away is coming back…

Whenever I leave home for a few days I come back full of projects and resolutions…is it too late for new year resolutions? even if it is…here is my new year resolution…..BILINGUALISM…….as years go by my family is becoming less and less fluent is our second home language…Dd 18 speaks Spanish decently and can express herself in writing quite eloquently. She is currently taking a Spanish A level….Dd15 understands very well,speaks decent spanglish but struggles to write independently. She is doing it at school at GCSE level. Dd13 understands it but never answers back in Spanish and lacks vocab……dd almost 3 NADA….rien de rien…. nothing at all  😦

Well , I am doing my best to bring up Spanish levels  in our house ….I don’t need to argue here the benefits of bilingualism but I will tell you why now….it was quite uncomfortable to see little one unable to communicate with grandma and grandpa….

It is not going to be easy to make the switch but we will have to find ways of making the transition as smooth as possible. For starters, she now watches Peppa pig in Spanish 😉 and we are concentrating on vocabulary: body parts, foods,things around the house….

I guess she is too young for duolingo and the apps I have checked out are not that great…I will do it my way and hope for the best….

Salaams y hasta la vista,



One thought on “It feels good….”

  1. We struggle with this in our house. My son openly rebels against speaking Arabic. We try sneaking ways of getting it in, but he is not as far as we would like. 😦

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