A few random things…

I have found the right dark chocolate for me and my pocket. I don’t need to tell you about the benefits of good dark chocolate or the need for it to be high in cocoa content…but just in case you are not familiar here is a link 😉 and this is my fave at the moment….

dark chocA real treat….and guilt free…;)


University entry interviews are over as from an hour ago……so glad they are over…let the waiting game begin….oh, before you jump to conclusions it is my daughter who is going through the whole ordeal but it is MY daughter so I feel it too….

I am almost over the flu…both dd2 and myself were quite ill over the weekend but Alhamdulilah we are now on the mend…in times like this I realized what a great bunch of nutters my family is made up of….if  you are reading this darlings , thank you so much for holding the fort for me….

We have a family whatsap group now….whatever next!!!! Not sure what it is for but we are still at the early stages and can’t even decide on a picture…they won’t listen to me and pose for a groupie…..

I had to cancel today’s yummy mummies get together for the kid’s playdate sisters get together but Alhamdulilah , Allah is the best of planners.

I am planning to go seeds shopping this weekend. One step closer to starting on the whole gardening business…oh I can’t wait….I have plans….bigger plans….weather permitting this weekend I will be working on marking out where the next raised bed goes….I will then have to start on removing the turf…insh’Allah I have the strength …..

Salaams y hasta la vista,



One thought on “A few random things…”

  1. Ahh
    How nice ….
    Missed ur yummy mummy party 📩📩📩
    Was looking forward to it….!!!!
    Any way

    New beds to b looking out for now
    But not the ones we will sleep n ah?????
    Plz enjoy ur shopping💰💰💰💰

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