Never say never…

OMG…you will never believe what I’ve gone and just done….I’m such a snob….such a yummy mummy wannabe…omg…I’ve lost me marbles….oh well who cares?

I have arranged a play-date for my little girl…yes me, who usually cringes when I hear or read about mums getting their diaries out and arranging a time and place for their children to play….. . Me who always found it so pretentious and and and snobbish and american……oh well…little H came round to play with my little one two days ago( unplanned , just a friend dropping by , as it should be 😉 ) and as they had so much fun together I thought that she was ready to have playmates around. And you should have heard her sobbing her little heart out when he left. She cried and wailed ‘now I have no friends to play with’….


Well I don’t know what got over me but before I knew it I had sent out the following text…cringe cringe…

Salaams sisters, little S would like the company of your little ones on Tuesday from 1-3 insh’Allah.Pls come n let’s have a cuppa together while they play n fight…(they were other even cheesier bits in it but I think I’ve humiliated myself enough….)

Sad I know….but guess what?…all three ladies sounded excited and texted back that they were looking forward to it ;)…..

So yeah….moral of the story…..NEVER SAY NEVER…..

Salaams y hasta la vista,


P.S ….what do you think I should serve the little ones for lunch? I was thinking organic roasted vegetables tagine with olives tapenade served on zuchini pasta or…..kidding!!!


One thought on “Never say never…”

  1. Asalam

    U yummy mummy
    What about finger food ????
    Carrot sticks ,
    They will enjoy !!!!!

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