J’aime étudier français avec…



A while back I read an article about 25 free websites which could make you cleverer or something along those lines. Let me google it and see if I can find it…oh yeah here it is ..not sure if it was that exact one I read but anyways Duolingo came first and I gave it a try…and I fell instantly in love with the whole learning a language for free thing…I studied french in my primary and secondary years and used it a little bit on the french skiing slopes but nothing after that until I married my dh years later. My pigeon french came in very handy when I went with the girls to Algeria for a year. I could communicate with my inlaws and shopkeepers and other folks in the streets…very handy indeed…So let’s say my francais improved somewhat but only the spoken form and when back in England I longed to study it seriously but was never the right time ….fast forward 10 years and  I stumbled upon the above mentioned website and I simply love it!! I made myself start from the very first level and I’m now on level 9….I can honestly say that my grammar and spellings have improved greatly and my vocabulary is also increasing……and all it takes is 30 minutes a day .

The other website  from the list I use from time to time is Khan Academy…great for those maths topics that have gone a bit rusty….my students like it too…clear precise and to the point lessons and exercises…not just maths, sciences too and much more…

I’m all for lifelong learning…it’s never too late …don’t you just love the internet and how it has made learning accessible to almost all?

What about you? do you study anything on-line? mo

Salaams y hasta la vista,



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