They can’t be serious….


on the radio, while driving kids to and fro as you do, I heard that the government is seriously looking into testing children at a younger age. The baseline test they do at the end of KS1 is apparently not enough, so someone in the department of education has decided that is best to assess them in their first year of school. Yes , you’ve read it right…in Recpetion Class…a few weeks after they start the school year…

Just imagine the implications. Poor little kids, poor reception teachers, poor nursery workers who would now have to push those kids in their care even more or suffer the label of ‘not such a good nursery’ if their little ones didn’t ‘perform’ ….. and poor parents…but why? and what are they assessing? how happy they are? I don’t think so….

And then again this morning more talk on the radio about children starting school at 2 and schools staying open later….what on earth is going on….madness if you ask me..what do they want? do they want us to give birth and hand them over to THEM?….oh no…. I just remembered they want us all to go and work….if the children are in their care for long hours we can work for long hours…….

I guess one more reason for me to homeschool the little one……..or unschool…or homeed….haven’t decided yet what to label myself…I guess that’s another post for another day…..

Salaams y hasta la vista,



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