is over…thank the LORD for that….

and I tried…god knows I tried to shake off the winter blahs….

not as bad as it was in months past  but boy will I be a much happier woman when Spring finally makes an appearance…

I’ve taken up exercise seriously again in an attempt to increase the ‘happy’ hormones…swimming, weight training and even running with dh…that was a laugh though so counting the days to do it again next weekend…

I’ve also made sure that I schedule enough meet up with friends during the week in order to avoid idleness….I have come to the conclusion that I need the right amount of activity, meeting people and quiet times in my week to feel on top form…I guess I’m talking about the right balance which isn’t always easy…but one can try…

Crochet club is not what it used to be anymore..it is even better!!!! It has turned into this little homeschooling co-op kind of thing. The kind of thing I only dreamed of before. The kind of thing I read in many many blogs….anyways three mamas with their homeschooled children come to mine on Fridays and we do crochet. Well the mamas and the 11 and 12 years old girls do while the 2 and 5 year old do whatever we have set out for them on the table. Last Friday it was play dough.

We are talking of trying out different activities on co-op Fridays. Oh how I love writing it co-op… co-op… co-op. One of the mamas is very artistic so we have nominated her to run a few  watercolours sessions…can’t wait….there was talk of islamic calligraphy…oh the possibilities..insh’Allah

So yeah , keeping busy is helping me get rid of the winter blahs….and the promise of Spring is in the air …look what I noticed this morning while running with dh…I had to stop and take a pic…


Do you see those little snowdrops?….yes…. Spring is in the air…time for more outdoorsy type of things….oh and gardening of course…

Salaams y hasta la vista,



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