Baby steps…

Back to life back to reality…half term is over…I miss my girls…just baby and me again…

I should be tidying up the big mess the house has turn into in the  slower days but we have more important things to do…isn’t that always the case?
Dd2 has been asking for work for a while now and by work she means worksheets like the ones my student does. She sees me printing out worksheets for him and I guess she wants to sit with mama and do some work so today was the day I thought to try it out.

She is very keen on the alphabet. She plays a b c games on the Tablet and sings along too so what better place to start at than some a b c colouring. The internet is full of alphabet worksheets so it has taken my less that 10 minutes to print out , stick the letters on an old book and hey presto, she is doing work and she couldn’t be happier.


She is not the only one taking baby steps …I am also taking baby steps into the world of watercolours. For a while now I have been thinking of pushing myself to be more creative , to try out new mediums and just have fun with it. I have shared here before that my school days were almost void of creativity. The convent school I attended didn’t value art outside of cross stitch and other similar activities and at home things were not much different.

So, when I saw this Little Box on the shelf in TKMaxx I grabbed it with  both hands….



The pics are not very good but I hope you get the idea…a box full of beautiful completed paintings and pencil sketches ready for me to paint with plenty technique tips …inspiration for an entire year….


It looks like baby and I are going to be busy at work……


I will let you know how I get on with the watercolours….

Salaams y hasta la vista,





One thought on “Baby steps…”

  1. Salam
    Hi sarah tell ummie
    Ma ma A is foa Allah too
    Best of luck with ur alphabet
    May allah bless u amen.

    My kind sister best of luck with ur new adventure i want pics plz
    But dont forget out crochet…..

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