Taking it easy on Tuesday…

It was never intentional…never planned…but it turns out that Tuesdays are my easy days…It might have something to do with the fact that Mondays follow the weekend so the house needs some sorting and shaping plus some tutoring and food shopping , Wednesdays exercise class and crèche play for baby, Thursdays more tutoring and shaping the house for the crochet class and a meaningful outing for baby and I…

I noticed the pattern recently and even my friends are texting or whatsupping me ‘are you in bed?’ on a Tuesday…lol….Mary has noticed too but then last night she tempted me with an outing to Hobby Craft…come on who can refuse that!!!  So it was decided last night that today it would be half half….really easy almost horizontal morning and then after duhur some craft shopping and a cuppa in a fancy coffee shop…..


We take worm catching very seriously over here….and to my friend’s Mary’s shock horror the house work doesn’t even enter my mind today…we will eat don’t take me wrong but dinner will be a simple affair that will be considered later much later in the day…hopefully with the help of dd12 who always comes to my rescue….

I’m getting very good at finding sunny spots to ensure I get at least 10 minutes of sun on my face and hands …great for vitamin D and general wellbeing boost…


I’m sure you all agree with me that knowing when to slow down is as important if not more as being effective on productive days….it’s a balancing act that has to be taken seriously if one is to serve…

Salaams y hasta la vista,




2 thoughts on “Taking it easy on Tuesday…”

  1. Slow is GOOD!!!! Mashallah 🙂 I hate this fast pace of life that is so easy to get caught up in. There is little that can’t wait and worm catching is MUCH more fun than ironing!!! Have a lovely chilled day inshallah xxx

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