I got my Mojo back…

my creative juices are flowing once again…all it’s taken is a visit to my favourite craft shop…well and the end of the nice weather too….there I was surrounded by yarn in all colours, shades, textures….oh the possibilities…

So, I’m rushing to finish this vintage style blanket…this one is for a special girl who happens to be my niece…she wanted one like her cousin’s and of course I was happy to oblige but it just wasn’t happening fast enough…until today that is…should be ready to send in the post by the end of the week…. a few more lines and tidy the ends…


My hands are itching to get on with the next project…a patchwork style kind of crochet quilt…biggish squares…this one is for my nephew…I’m so excited…I’ve never gifted anyone outside of my immediate family with one of my blankets…hope they like them…


not too sure about the colours now…maybe it needs another colour …sometimes I just have to start and see where it takes me…..can’t wait for crochet tomorrow…my friend Mary has promised to teach me the square I need for this project…she is a star and I’m a fast learner ;)…..

Oh and I am also going to attempt to knit my first cowl….I saw this beautiful wools in red, black and purple…but had to stop myself from buying it …the thing is , I have never in my life knitted beyond straight rows to practise….but guess what? Mary says she will help me too!!!!!  So we are going back to the shop on Saturday…..I can envision my girls with a cowl each…

Oh…. I can’t wait to dive right into it….oh and there’s talk of quilting in the air…someone stop me…lol….

Salaams y hasta la vista,


P.S… I could have staged/made it all pretty the stripy blanket but can’t be bothered these days…I’m done with perfect…it’s just not me 😉


2 thoughts on “I got my Mojo back…”

  1. there’s just something about the changing of seasons that brings out the creative in me… I love the stripey blanket.. I wish I had the attention span to do justice to blanket making… I always tell myself that this will be the winter that I finally get one done!!

    I’m looking forward to all the crafting pics to come inshallah… and unstaged and natral is definately the way to go… xxx

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