I don’t read enough….

non-fiction books….I can devour fiction of all kinds but when it comes to factual, general knowledge, true books I have to admit that …well… I simply don’t read them and I can’t even remember the last one I held in my hands , let alone read…I love history but even the little history I know has come from historical novels from the likes of Philippa Gregory. I’ve been told that she sticks to ‘what really happened’ but even then is not the same as reading a proper history book, is it?

Looking back, I don’t remember introducing my girls to that genre either…all four (including two year old moppet) are keen readers but they stick to fiction like their mama.

So, this morning I woke up determined to get hold of a good non-fiction book or at least get a few recommendations. Of course ,I immediately thought of google and this is what I came up with…top 10 Non-fiction books ….NO WONDER I DON’T READ NON-FICTION!!!!

So, I now turn to you my dear readers for much needed help…what non fiction book do you thing I or anyone else for that matter should read? Which non-fiction books , in your opinion, should be almost compulsory on my bed side table?


Salaams y hasta la vista,


P.S   don’t bother with self-help, diets or cookery books…I’ve read them all…oh so maybe I do read some non-fiction books after all….

5 thoughts on “I don’t read enough….”

  1. It looks like that list was compiled by a man with taste very different to yours…

    There’s a book called ‘drawing on the right side of the brain’ which is terrific if you’ve always thought of yourself as not much of an artist. It explains how, if you shift your thinking you can begin to see objects like an artist.
    Something that has been on my wish list for a while is ‘1001 inventions: the enduring legacy of Muslim civilisation’ see here:

    And thirdly, ‘For Fukui’s Sake’ , the travel diary of an English guy that takes up a teaching post in rural Japan. There reviews are great on that one and I’m dying to read it.

    1. Thank you sister..I will look into the teacher’s one…I now have a few good recommendations…on Xbox where I link up my blog……

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